Great prices, great service and great workmanship

Reasons enough one would think but Stitches always goes a little further. It is why we introduced 'Alterations while-u-wait' as a service, for NO extra charge. Small repairs can have a big impact.

  • You're heading the monthly sales meeting and the zip has gone on your suit trousers
  • An important client has announced an unscheduled visit this afternoon and the hem has come away on your best business suit
  • You are nipping into town shopping and buy a dress you want altering for that important party on Friday but won't have the time to come back into town and pick it up

It could be that you need someone you can trust to get everything right for your wedding day with as little fuss as possible or dry cleaning where our vast knowledge of fabrics & materials will help protect your precious garments. You might have just found the ideal fabric for your living room and want triple pleat curtains making up for the end of the month.

Whatever your needs may be, Stitches prides itself on knowledgeable, courteous staff who will work hard to satisfy your requirements.