Our core expertise - nobody does it better!

We are able to provide a range of alterations and repairs to garments and household items at all of our Stitches branches, it is our forte and core business and we feel we are unmatched for quality, turnaround and level of service.

All clothing alterations and repairs are carried out at our branches thus providing a quick turnaround service. We even provide a while-u-wait service at no extra charge. In some instances, for example suede, silks, leather items and more complicated work a longer turnaround will be required - please ask for details.

From a replacement zip on your favourite jeans to a complete re-cut of a treasured item of clothing, Stitches apply the same high levels of quality and craftsmanship to each and every job. Since the very beginning, we have raised repairs to a new level and when you want an impeccable fit and precise workmanship, we are the one you should entrust your garments to.

Our technicians, each one strong in their area of expertise and dedication, are part of different teams and will apply their knowledge to your garment to your complete satisfaction. We successfully cover work from denim to chantilly lace and bridal wear, knitwear to linen, silk and leather.